BIOFACH 2023: Being Organic in EU press event

The BEING ORGANIC in EU project is a promotion campaign proposed by FederBio in collaboration with Naturland co-financed by the European Union according to the EU regulation n.1144/2014


15/02/2023 - Nürnberg, Germany - Mailand room


Press conference BEING Organic in EU: Organic Farming in Europe and evolutionary market scenario in Italy


International events such as BIOFACH represent the ideal showcase for promoting European organic products and launching an effective promotion, communication and food education activity on organic values.


  • Markus Fadl, Press Officer Naturland
  • Paolo Carnemolla, General Secretary FederBio
  • Joanna Wierzbicka , IFOAM Organic Europe deputy director
  • Domenico Lunghi, BolognaFiere Director
  • Claudia Castello, Exhibition Manager Sana